Saturday, September 24, 2011

Issue 2 Featured Artist-- Violet Void!

I recently caught Violet Void play a show at Mac’s Bar on Lansing’s east side. Afterwards, I had the honor of hitting up Darrin “Violet” Williams, the vocal half of the duo, for a short chat.

Violet Void, an industrial outfit consisting of Violet, and his partner in crime, the aptly-named Void, have been playing since last February, 2011.

Though Darrin has been a musician, as he describes, his entire life.

“I was in a lot of punk bands growing up. Was listening to a lot of crust punk at the time. Political and religious themes. The crust punk scene really influenced what we’re doing.”

Darrin has been listening to Industrial music for only two years now, but already he has a firm grasp of its feeling and sound. Violet considers his group’s style as old school 80s to 90s industrial. Not that EBM is bad, but he prefers the old-school approach....

TO READ THE ENITRE ARTICLE, PURCHASE BRAINRAPE ISSUE #2 AT YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORE (Where applicable). It will be posted in its entirety November 1, 2011.

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